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Company News:Official Website Renewed


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[Company News]Official Website Completely Renewed

Happy New Year 2023 to everyone in the die-casting industry.

Our official website was renewed from 2022/07/01 to 2023/01/05 and completed on 2023/01/06 in order to improve the convenience of information viewing and website operation.

As in the past, we will continue to provide the latest information related to die casting and provide die casting technical information to the die casting industry for their reference. We hope you will find it useful for your production, product development, quality control, and other operations.

In the new year, Tojin corporation will continue to face new challenges together with you.

If you want to know more information about die casting industry, die casting technology, die casting academia, etc., please visit our FB FanClub “統仁貿易-甲你做伙為台灣壓鑄界打拼” or Youtube Channel “Tojin統仁貿易“。

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