Die casting Oil
Peisun Chemical Slideway oil

Slideway oil is capable of maintaining excellent lubrication for ultra-low-speed to high-speed processing machines, and generating the lowest frictional resistance required.

MORESCO Release Agent

The release agent “モルゾール(MORSOL) “was made by MORESCO.
It applied to the die casting machine what makes Aluminum auto parts and Mag spare parts. It can promote productivity and also improve the environment.

MORESCO Fire resistence hydrolic oil

The fire-resistant hydraulic fluid “HYDOL” is used on hydraulic equipment such as die casting machines producing aluminum automobile parts, steelmaking equipment and presses, and it protects this plant equipment from fires.

MORESCO Plunger Lubricant

It is a type of lubricant indispensable in the die-casting process, and when applied in small and appropriate quantities, it can improve product quality and the production environment of the plant.