Tojin Corporation selects products that are low in running cost and have the lowest possible enviornmental impact. We also carry factory air purification and water waste management equipments to help our customers reduce pollution in the manufaturing process.


Robotic System Integration

Tojin’s subsidiary Tovonn provides factory automation from proposal, design, implementation to after service. We work with Yaskawa, Fanuc and ABB to match our customers need.

Quality Assurance, Quality Control

To improve the quality of our customers casts, we import temperature control units, Jet-cool cooling system and various other products that can help with the casting process.

Die Casting Machines

Tojin imports TOYO and Hishinuma die casting machines. Parts and services are provided by our local team to make sure your machines are always running.

Environmental protection

Tojin sells factory air purification systems and waste water managment equipments. Reduce pollution, reduce energy consumption are our goals to achieve sustainable business together with our partners.


Tojin Corporation provides everything you need for your DCM. Ask us if you need to find anything.


As part of our ESG goal, we believe that a fair and long term partnership with our customers and suppliers is right approach. No fancy fairtrade logo here, just fairtrade products that really help the world.

Why Choose Us
Why choose Tojin as your partner?

Established in 1977

Offices in Taiwan (Taipei, Taichung, Tainan), China (Kunshan, Dongguan), Vietnam (Hanoi).

Sold over 1000 Die Casting Machines

Partners from Taiwan, China, Japan, USA, Switzerland, Denmark, Sweden, Austria…

Over 40 years of experience in the diecasting industry.