Chuhatsu R-series High-Vacuum system

CHUHATSU’s vacuum system uses BUSCH rotary vane type, ANLET dry roots type vacuum pump, achieving almost complete vacuum, required in the die cast industry, making it stable and high-cycling it. Also equipped with vacuum tank trap and vacuum trap, and by standardizing the parts, its delivery in a short time is possible.

HITACHI ADSTEFAN casting simulation system

ADSTEFAN is casting simulation software sold by HITACHI in Japan. It boasts the industry’s fastest simulation analysis speed and comes with a rich JIS material database, allowing simulation for specific material usage. Prior to conducting casting simulations, users only need to select the desired material, and relevant parameters will be automatically applied when starting the simulation.

MORESCO Matsuken MK-series UF membrane wastewater treatment equipment

UF (Ultra Filtration) membrane wastewater treatment utilizes tiny holes in the UF modules to filter out particles in the wastewater. When wastewater go through the UF membrane, clearwater is separated from dirty particles since these pollutants are larger than these tiny holes.

Ahresty JECSS Jet Cool System M-Series Die Cooling Equipment

Eliminate die casting shrinkage. The Jet Cool System is an effective method to prevent shrinkage, core pin from breaking and extend the life of dies.

STOTEK AMGT-series Alumelter Gas Tilting

STØTEK AMGT Alumelter Tilting gas heated is a fully automatic crucible furnace for melting and holding aluminum. It is equipped with hydraulic tilting for easy and safe collection of the liquid metal.