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Tool-temp was founded in 1973 and is headquartered in Switzerland. mainly produce products such as mold temperature controllers, water/oil temperature controllers, and coolers.
provide products and services related to optimal temperature control for a variety of production fields (die casting, injection molding, pharmaceutical and scientific, food manufacturing, etc.).


Temperature control unit for permanent temperatures up to 360°C with heat transfer oil.
Heating capacity: 16 kW or 24 kW
Operational ues:
Moulds in the die casting industry, small rollers and plates.

【Microprocessor Temperature Controller】

MP-888 and MP-988 can be adjusted to indicated ℃ or ℉.
Self-optimizing feature allows a very hjgh regulating accuracy even at high temperatures.
adheres to the set temperature independently of the consumer.

【Flow rate adjustment】

Display in litres/min(British) or gallons/min(American) .
If the flow rate falls below the minimum value, an alarm is triggered.


TT-390 Z or A
TT-390 Z or A
Temperature range Up to 360℃ with heat transfer oil TOOL-THERM SH-3
Temperature control Seif-optimizing, electronic microprocessor controller
MP-888 with digital display of the set and actual value.
Automatic temperature monitoring.
Flow control Electronically, with digital display and automatic control of the minimum flow.
Heating capacity 16 kW 24 kW
Switchable in stages 8/8 8/16
Cooling capacity 90 kW at 360℃ circulating temperature
Pump capacity Motor 1.8 kW
Pressure mode Max. 5,5 bar, max. 100 l/min
Vacuum mode Vacuum max. 8 mH2O
Model Z Pump with axial face seal and triple bearing system
Model A Pump with seal less magnetic drive
Temperature measurement at the mould Yes Yes
Leakstopper and mould drain Yes Yes
Expansion tank capacity 21 liter 21 liter
Filling amount 15 liter 21 liter
Expansion volume 16 liter 16 liter
Oil circuit 3/4” BSP female thread
Cooling water

1” male thread
Inlet water filter 1” BSP female thread
Outlet non-return 1” BSP female thread

Dimensions(LxWxH) 1240*480*1400mm incl. castors
Colour Silvergrey RAL 7001
Weight Approx. 205 kg empty Approx. 215 kg empty