TOYO Ds-EX series Electric Servo Control Die-Casting Machine

TOYO Ds-EX series Electric Servo Control Die-Casting Machine

The unique electric servo system achieves “Smart die-casting” realizing high-cycle, high-stability, and energy-efficient operation.
The machine is compact and eco-friendly.

[Company Profile]

Founded in 1925 and headquartered in Hyogo, Japan, we are a world-renowned manufacturer of precision machinery for plastic and metal products production equipment.
They mainly produce plastic injection molding machines, metal die-casting machines, and related automatic machinery and related products.

■Injection Performance
Excellent collaboration between electric servomotor and hydraulic servo valve

  • Slow and stable shot starting system effective to reduce engulfing of gas
  • Five-step high shot speed setting
  • Electric servo shot intensifying mechanism
    • Pressure/Time feedback control
    • Five-step shot intensification

■Clamping, Ejection Performance
High precision, high rigidity and high cycle clamping unit driven fully electrically

  • Compact die clamping unit thanks to unique mechanism
  • High-cycle compound movement
  • High rigidity die clamping unit
  • Multi-step ejecting mechanism

■Operability, Energy-saving
Enhanced friendliness to the operator and environment

  • Easy-to-see 15-inch touch panel
  • The latest control System 500
  • Pump rotation controllable hydraulic unit for driving cores*1 *2
  • Dramatic power saving
  • Installation footprint as small as that of hydraulic equivalent *3
    *1 Except for Ds-125EX
    *2 The hydraulic core system is optional
    *3 Figures are compared between Ds and Toyo’s BD-V5 series(2012 model)