TOYO BD-V7EX series Hydraulic Die-Casting Machine

TOYO BD-V7EX series Hydraulic Die-Casting Machine

The V7EX Series are High-spec machines integrated a new control system that can be achieved 100G of high acceleration.
This is a highly functional Die-Casting machine that can cast various products to support diversified Die-Casting demand.

[Company Profile]

Founded in 1925 and headquartered in Hyogo, Japan, we are a world-renowned manufacturer of precision machinery for plastic and metal products production equipment.
They mainly produce plastic injection molding machines, metal die-casting machines, and related automatic machinery and related products.

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■THRV System

With original THRV System* developed by TOYO, higher acceleration, the most important casting capability, can be provided with standard machines.

Product outline comparison

Reduced filling time shorter can complete injection before the surface solidifies.


※THRV System:TOYO High Response Valve System (Patent pending)

■New control “System700EX”

System700EX was developed with four overall requirements:
Visibility,Functionality,Maintainability,and Usability,
to improve the functionality based on feedback from users.

■Injection control

TOYO’s Injection system.
Meter-IN/OUT control can be selected.


■Mold clamping center press mechanism

Supports molds with specifications that are one rank higher High-precision/High-rigidity mold clamping mechanism

  • The guide bar mechanism provides higher precision and mold clamping rigidity.
  • The center press mechanism minimizes bending of the mold mounting areas.
  • By lowering the injection position, so it supports dies with specifications that are one rank higher.


Optimized stationary and movable DP shapes
/Decreased bending

  • The optimally designed die plate minimizes bends through CAE analysis
  • The optimal casting is achieved by applying even clamping force to the mold parting lines.
  • Minimizing bending and then decreases burrs.