RF NAOMi-CT X-ray 3D Industrial X-Ray Computed Tomography

RF NAOMi-CT 3D series computed tomography

Made by RF Systemlab, number one producer of medical CT in Japan.

[Compact Desktop Industrial X-ray CT]

RF Systemlab has the largest share of medical CT in Japan. This industrial X-Ray CT is made in Japan. CT is used in the HPDC process to detect porosity and it comes with free porosity detection software. NAOMi-CT’s compact size allows it to be placed in any office desk without the need of heavy partition.

[Processing is fast]

It only takes 45 seconds per CT scan. Great for HPDC process, it can be used for plastic injection, food industry, or whatever you need to see the inside without breaking it apart.

[Video] Shrinkage cavity of the product

[Video] Explanation of the shooting process

[Image]Shrinkage cavity Checks/Defect Checks


[Equipment Overview]

[Example of Shooting]



Aluminium(Al)/Bottle cap

Composite material/PC screen cable



Plastic/Car bar

Composite material/PC Mouse