Par Marche Fairtrade Earl Grey Red Bean Youkan mini

Par Marche Fairtrade Earl Grey Tea Yokan mini

Made in collaboration with Kyoto Youkan Honpo, using only Japanese red bean and beet sugar, the taste can be described as traditional Japanese sweet with a highlight of Sri Lankan Early Grey.


The Earl Grey used by the Youkan is from Sri Lanka. Famous as a high quality producer of tea.

Sri Lanka as been in civil war from 1983 to 2009 over 25 years. Over 100,000 people lost their lives due to this war. In 2004, it was hit by a large tsunami and all the foreign aids became the focal point of the civil war.

Parcic purchase Earl Grey from women who were affected by the war giving them fair prices so they can improve their lives.

All our products do not use aritificial flavor or pesticides. Organically grown but never bother to pay marketing schemes to have it proved as organic.

Trade has to be fair. It should be fair for the enviornment, the people who make the products, and the people who purchase the products. If you enjoy posting on SNS, showing your wealth to others by making money exploiting the producers, this is not the product for you. No fancy package, no celebrity sponsor, just hard working people who want to make a fair living. Is that too hard to ask?

[Par Marche’s commitment]

Par Marche’s related products do not use any pesticides or chemical fertilizers.

This is because, besides being prone to residues, they can cause dermatitis and allergies in the growers, which can harm the consumers who consume their food and processed products. Our goal is to provide products that are friendly to the land, the grower, and the consumer.


The yokan is produced by Kyoto Yokan Honpo, a long-established specialty store in Kyoto.

Experienced craftsmen slowly simmer domestically produced adzuki beans and beet sugar, and carefully knead them together to create a gem of a product. The smooth texture and sweet, savory aroma and flavor are sure to delight your taste buds. In particular, because it is made with Sri Lankan Earl Grey tea leaves, the overall flavor is light and savory, rather than sweet like traditional yokan. We hope you enjoy them with a cup of tea or coffee.

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To many, the word “trade” may simply mean buying and selling. But we believe that “trade” should be more tolerant, more compassionate, and more equitable. Let our land, our hard working producers, and all consumers work together for the common good to create a better world.