Par Marche Fairtrade Cafe Timor

Par Marche Fairtrade Cafe Timor Organic Coffee Beans

Cafe Timor is great coffee. Try some!


Cafe Timor’s coffee bean is made in East Timor, North West from Australia. East Timor has recently gained its independent in 2002, it is the yongest nation in Asia. It was a colony of Portugal, then forcefully taken over by Indonesia. Aside from a major producer of coffee bean, it has also one of the largest natural gas and oil resource in Asia. Unforunately the people of East Timor after a long war never get to see a dime from the profit of natural gas and oil. So they have to grow coffee to make a living instead.

Thanks to Japan and America’s fairtrade movement, East Timor is able to produce coffee and sell them to the world. Our coffee is organic and do not use slave labor like the others. Taste pretty damn good too.

It is very hard to pay producers the fair price because all our competitors purchase them below market price and use slave labor. Nevertheless we try! With your help, we can pay more producers fair prices so they can feed themselves instead of using chained up slaves to pick your beans so you can save a buck or two on with an oz of coffee. 90% of coffee drinkers prefer slave labor coffee because it is slightly cheaper, want to be that 10% instead?

[Par Marche’s commitment]

Currently, the majority of coffee beans in East Timor are grown organically (JAS* certified organic) by small farmers. Although the production volume is not very large, the quality is extremely excellent. The coffee beans have a deep flavor and a distinctive spicy aroma, and are suitable for all roasting (roasting) methods. In both appearance and taste, it is comparable to good quality Java varieties.
(* Japanese Agricultural Standards is a system based on the law of Japanese Agricultural Standards)

In addition, no pesticides or chemical fertilizers are used in any of Pal Marche’s related products.
This is because they are prone to residues and can cause dermatitis and allergies in the producers, which can be harmful to the consumers who eat their food and processed products. Our goal is to provide products that are kind to the land, the producer, and the consumer.


In Timor-Leste, Cafe Timor is also called “The Coffee,” which means “unmistakable coffee. When the package is sealed, the rich coffee aroma overflows, and the beans are plump, shiny, and fully ripe. When ground and brewed, Café Timor has a mild bitterness and smooth finish, with a fruity aroma and a smooth, creamy texture. It is especially recommended for those who like City roast (City roast) and enjoy the best taste of Café Timor.

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To many, the word “trade” may simply mean buying and selling. But we believe that “trade” should be more tolerant, more compassionate, and more equitable. Let our land, our hard working producers, and all consumers work together for the common good to create a better world.