KREUZ RBR-D5 series Deburring Machine

KREUZ RBR-D5 series Deburring Machine

Deburring everything you need

[Product Features]

Deburring for aluminum, magnesium, zinc casting, steel, sand cast, pretty much every process that has burr we can get rid of it this machine. Depending on your deburring needs, we can customize the machine to do more to meet your customers requirements. Other than deburring, parting line, surface grind, secondary burr, can also be treated.

[Compact size]

Compared to deburring with robotic arms, Kreuz’s deburring machines take up only a fraction of the floor space. Think of the machine as a tiny person who is a skilled deburring expert that works 24/7 and never complains about the inflation.

[Original deburring spindles]

Spindles are custom designed for different purposes. From heavy duty gate cutting to high agility to deburr cell phones casts, we have the right spindle for your purpose. With optional AUC, we can change tools and spindles fully automatically.

[Floating device]

Our machines come with standard floating devices. Without a floating device, a robot will just forcefully move according to its program. It will overcut, or undercut the burr. We have hydraulic, air, or spring floating devices that can be installed according to the burr. Like a highly skilled barber, we trim the burr without leaving a mark on your cast.

[Original deburring tools]

Kreuz designs and produces deburring tools. These original tools are solely for the purpose of deburring. Multi-tools cut cycle time by doing more than one purpose with the same tool. Spinning tools, grinding tools, etc can all be designed with more than one purpose. Show us your burr, and we will give you the right tools.

[Case Studies]

  • Deburring

  • Deburring

  • Deburring of engine parts

  • Deburring of Large Products