Ahresty JECSS-M series Jet Cool system

Ahresty JECSS Jet Cool System M-Series Die Cooling Equipment

Eliminate die casting shrinkage. The Jet Cool System is an effective method to prevent shrinkage, core pin from breaking and extend the life of dies.

[Product Description]

JECSS Jet Cool System cools core pin.

φ4 is the smallest core pin diameter. By sending cooling water to the tip of the pin then purge with compressed air, the system is a highly effective way of cooling spots that are needed. All you need connect a single signal from the die casting machine, and all you need are power, water, and compressed air. Very simple installation. The system has CE certification.

[What is Jet Cool System(JECSS)?]

Jet Cool System is cooled core pin. With pin diasmter ranging from φ4~10, the Jet Cool System can prevent die casting shrinkage and extend the life of core pin and die.