ACME Centerless Grinding Systems

ACME Centerless Grinding Systems

Ldeal for mass production of tubes and rods (centerless grinding)

[Manufacturer Introduction]

Since 1910, four generations of the Carlson family have lead the Acme team. Founded on machine tool design and evolving into a robotic material finishing provider, Acme’s singular focus has remained the same: Create cost-effective material removal systems and process solutions to meet complex finishing requirements.

As an exporter of machinery since 1950, Acme was recognized for excellence in advancing the United State’s Export Expansion Program in 1991, when the company received the Presidential “E” Award, and again in 2016 the Company was awarded the Presidential “E Star” Award. During the same year

[Company Capabilities and Resources]

  • Experience
    Acme has over 110 years experience, resulting in the most experienced & knowledgeable application engineers in the metal finishing industry.
  • Certified FANUC Integrator
    Acme is one of the largest FANUC Level IV Certified Servicing Integrators. Products are built to RIA 15.06 safety standards and to UL or CE mark if required.
  • Technology & Innovation
    Acme uses the most up-to-date & state-of-the-art technology for creative engineering designs, software development, system simulations, & offline task programming. Acme provides system integration and intuitive operator interfaces.
  • Service
    Acme provides extensive & comprehensive global customer service, on-site training, documentation & on-site support during and after installation.
  • Made In America
    Acme is headquartered in Auburn Hills, MI U.S.A., with over 85,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing space (two facilities).

[ACME Mission Statement]

We are committed to being a world class organization providing innovative and cost-effective automation solutions for everyday material removal and surface finishing challenges. Our culture drives unparalleled focus on relationships, safety, quality, technology, and profitability.

[ACME Quality Statement]

At Acme, we expect the best from everyone involved in our process, from our employees to our suppliers. With this expectation, Acme is always innovating and looking for ways to achieve optimum results.
We strive to maximize each customer’s productivity and quality while lowering their production cost. This increases customer profit and ensures Acme’s long-term success.

We take pride in communication as the key to high quality. The Acme Team listens to our customers and communicates thoroughly throughout each process solution to ensure consistency, effectiveness, and genuine quality.

[Product Features]

High production throughput for DOM tubing, steel bars, titanium & inconel rods and tubing can be achieved. Our line of centerless grinders and polishers use advanced coated abrasive belt technology combined with either single or multiple head configurations, allow for a single pass operation, removing maximum stock, producing a low surface finish, at high output. The rate of stock removal and surface finish achievement is dictated by the diameter of the material and the line speed of the material being processed.


  • DOM tubing up to 12” O.D. (300mm)
  • Bar stock up to 8” O.D. (200mm)
  • Rod and tubing as small as .060” O.D. (1.5mm)
  • Lengths as short as 2” (50mm) and up to 60’ (18m) long

Utilizing our CNC/servo-motor controls, permits rapid changeover of different parts sizes in 2 to 5 minutes for multiple head systems.

[Processable materials]

  • DOM tubing
  • Heat treated bars
  • Titanium & zirconium tubing (Nuclear fuel rods)
  • Inconel rods
  • Ceramic coated bars and tubes
  • Glass rods
  • Motor rotors
  • Decorative tubing


Finishing Processes]

  • Heavy stock removal for rough O.D. belt grinding can achieve .030” -.060” (0.75mm to 1.5mm)
  • Tolerance grinding/sizing from 3 to 100 feet per minute (FPM) (1.0 to 30.0 meters per minute)
  • Fine polishing and final finishing with surface finishes from 2 to 20 microinches (0.05 to 0.5 microns) ra. surface finished below 1 microinch (0.025 microns) are achievable
  • Deburring with abrasive belts, wheels, brushes, and non-woven abrasive products at 5 to 30 feet per minute (1.6 to 10 meters per minute)
  • Decorative finishing (buffing, polishing and satin finishing) from 10 to 80 feet per minute (3 to 26 meters per minute)