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Education: What is CT Scan?


Education: What is CT (Computed Tomography) Scan?

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We often hear the phrase CT, X-ray scan in our everyday lives. Using CT or X-ray in the medical field to identify broken bones, detect health anomalies are common knowledge to us but did you know CT and X-ray scans are used other than just medical exams?

Let us find out more about how CT scans.

What are CT(Computed Tomography)  scans?

It is basically an X-ray image made using a form of tomography in which a computer controls the motion of the X-ray source and detectors, processes the data, and produces the image. Doing so, we can see the detail of the inside of human bodies, or whatever fits inside the machine.

What is radiation?

Radiation is the emission of energy as electromagnetic waves or as moving subatomic particles, especially high-energy particles which cause ionization. X-ray and CT scans have ionizing radiation. Another type of radiation is non-ionizing radiation. This type of radiation is found in light, radio waves, and microwaves. Normally they do not pose health risks. Find out more on IAEA(International Atomic Energy Agency) website.

Ionizing radiation, Non-ionizing radiation, 游離輻射, 非游離輻射, 游离辐射, 非游离辐射, 電離放射線, 非電離放射線, 放射線,

CT Scan Category

CT scans can be separated into two categories: medical and industrial.

  • Industrial CT(computed tomography)

    Industrial CT(computed tomography) are used to identify problems with parts without cutting or destroying them. Depending on the power of the industrial CTs, the ionizing radiation could be much higher than medical CTs, thus it should be carefully monitored if the CTs are used to scan hard to penetrate objects.

    CT, Industrial computed tomography
  • Medical CT(computed tomography)

    Medical CT(computed tomography) are used to obtain detailed images of inside the bodies. A very good example will be images of lungs infected by coronaviruses. Medical CTs are used to identify problems inside the human body.

    CT, Medical computed tomography

Producers of different CTs

  • Industrial

    Shimadzu Corporation, Toshiba IT & Control Systems Corporation, RF System lab, Carl Zeiss AG, GE, and etc..

  • Medical

    Siemens AG, GE Healthcare, RF System lab etc…

The above is an easy introduction of CT scans, please ask us if you would like to find out whether RF Ninja CTs are the right choice for your needs.

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