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Event:[2023.05] Vietnam Die Casting Technology Tour


Event:【2023.05】Vietnam Die Casting Technology Tour

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After many years of anticipation, the Tojin die casting technology seminar has finally resumed today!!
This year, we plan to lead everyone to ”Vietnam”, a country that has been recognized by the IMF as the best performing economy in recent years. In addition to visiting large-scale die casting factories owned by Taiwanese businessmen in the area, the seminar will also introduce the hottest “A.I. Artificial Intelligence” technology and the “Eagle Eye System,” an automated defect detection system applied in quality control management in the manufacturing industry.
Don’t waste your time attending boring seminars anymore! Quickly join our #Vietnam factory tour to experience cutting-edge #Die casting technology in person! Witness how Getac‘s #AI can automatically detect defects online, and see how Sinchi can enter the #automotive supply chain. Come and learn about the latest #energy-saving melting furnace and #automatic Die casting knowledge!

If you’re interested, please contact your local business contact or DM us! #innovation #factory tour #abandon seminar #big data factory #energy-saving die casting

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Die casting tour, 壓鑄研討團, 压铸研讨团, ダイカスト技術研修ツアー,
Die casting tour, 壓鑄研討團, 压铸研讨团, ダイカスト技術研修ツアー,
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