Equipment maintenance

Equipment Maintenance: Mold Clamping Force Inspection Service


Equipment Maintenance: Mold Clamping Force Inspection Service

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Your company’s die casting machine may have experienced defects or issues in die casting, such as “severe burrs on the product, molten metal blowing out from the mold during production, uneven product quality, and insufficient product strength“?


The potential causes of these defects or issues are highly likely to be related to the inconsistent, insufficient, or inappropriate parameter settings for the “die clamping force” of the die casting machine. If this phenomenon is observed and no action is taken, it may lead to wear and deformation of parts of the die casting machine. In the worst case, it could result in a sudden stop of the machine, equipment damage, or a serious workplace accident.


To avoid such situations, we are now offering a “die clamping force inspection and adjustment” service. By utilizing this service, you can objectively assess the current status of the equipment in your factory and plan maintenance and overhaul schedules more smoothly.


In die casting production, maintaining optimal casting conditions is a significant challenge for engineers. Good mold design in casting conditions, optimal machine parameter settings, proper molten metal temperature management, and more are crucial. If you aim for high-quality products and a secure manufacturing environment, regular inspection and adjustment of the “die clamping force” of your die casting machine are essential!! If your equipment is already experiencing the mentioned problems or if it has been around five years since purchase, contact us promptly!!

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